Attention Neighbors!

SFMTA is planning to put an 83.5-ft wide FORD branded GoBike Station with a large advertising panel on Alta Plaza Park at Clay and Steiner. It is part of a plan to grow Bay Area bike sharing to more than 4,000 bikes in 2018, making it one of the densest bike share systems in the nation.   Here is what the corner would look like with a Ford GoBike station:

GoBike steiner and clay.jpg

Here is what it looks like today:


A successful bike share program relies on having bikes available wherever riders want to go, including parks. While our neighbors support bike sharing and increasing park access, we firmly believe a Ford GoBike station at Clay and Steiner is not appropriate because:

1) Riders will have park access via three other Ford GoBike stations planned a 1-2 block walk away from the park (see map below)

2) A historic residential neighborhood is not an appropriate place for a commercial enterprise and commercial advertising.

3) Jump dockless bikes are a better fit for this hilly residential neighborhood because they are electric and do not require commercially branded stations.

4) Families with young children drive cars and are some of the biggest users of the park. They need the parking spaces on the park perimeter to transport their children. The Ford GoBike station will take away parking spaces.

5) Ford GoBikes are prone to vandalism, which will mar the beauty and safety of the park and neighborhood.  Commercial streets, with their heavy pedestrian traffic and existing safety and surveillance systems, have more "eyes and ears" to deter vandalism, and are therefore a more appropriate place for bike sharing stations.

6)  The Ford GoBike station will reduce the property value of neighboring homes with park views.

Below is a map of the planned expansion of Ford GoBike stations in Pacific Heights. There are a disproportionately large number in the vicinity of Alta Plaza Park. This is a beautiful residential and commercial neighborhood; the intrusion of multiple bright blue Ford branded bike stations and advertising panels will be an eyesore, let alone at Clay and Steiner on one of its loveliest residential blocks.



Heath Maddox, Senior Planner, Livable Streets, SFMTA:  415.701.4605

Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz, Motivate Co.:

Supervisor Catherine Stefani, District 2:

Mayor Mark Farrell: