Update from Supervisor Stefani

Here is the latest communication from Supervisor Catherine Stefani:

Dear All,

Thank you for sharing your opinions and positions throughout the last couple of weeks regarding a measure to locate four proposed sites for Motivate Ford GoBike - three of which are proposed to be located in District 2:

·         Bay Street at Fillmore

·         Clay Street at Steiner

·         Laguna Street at Washington

Please know upfront that I share your concerns. My Legislative Aide Ellie Miller Hall went to the hearing to express our reservations about these three proposed sites based on what we have heard from you. You have all raised questions about the placement of the proposed locations, and also asked for full design mock-ups of what the stations will look like. We also understand that although many of you  were able to attend Friday’s hearing, many of you were not because you didn’t receive notice from an expressed lack of notice on the hearing date & time. You and your fellow community members at the hearing also expressed distress regarding a consistent lack of public outreach from the SFMTA & Motivate on this program.

I have connected with leaders at the SFMTA & Motivate to raise concerns echoed throughout our district. I have encouraged them to conduct a stronger public outreach process surrounding proposed site locations & hearings in conjunction with our office. I am determined to make certain that these stations are located in areas where we have community buy-in and demonstrated need.

Through my follow-up conversations with the SFMTA, I have been assured that they have placed a hold on all Ford GoBike permits in District 2 until our office is presented with all information, plans, and proposals. I have also been assured that the SFMTA and Motivate will provide statistics & demand studies showing neighbors who expressed support for Ford GoBike Stations in District 2 at the three specific locations mentioned above.

We also have asked for site visits at locations so I can view and understand the choices firsthand and also review alternative site locations proposed by many of you. Our office is also planning to host a community meeting with the SFMTA, Motivate and all concerned residents to have an open conversation about the processes which are currently in place for District 2 & a dialogue about alternatives requested.

I believe we must take into consideration the opinions of those who oppose these specific locations & also those who would like to use these bikes as a means of transportation. I am committed to making certain we have consensus before any stations are created in our neighborhoods so that all parties are seen and heard. I have confirmed, and the SFMTA also agrees, this outreach was part of the deal.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and further comments about this process. We will keep in touch with you all on further updates.

Thank you for your activism,

Supervisor Stefani

Catherine Stefani | District 2 Supervisor

San Francisco Board of Supervisors

City Hall, Room 260

(415) 554-7752