Sup. Stefani and Candidate Josefewitz's positions on Bike Share


Yesterday's SF Examiner featured a cover story about Ford Go Bikes and neighborhood resistance, specifically mentioning our efforts here in District 2, and Supervisor Stefani's response. The paper writes:

Stefani announced that she halted plans to install three Ford GoBike stations in a newsletter to her constituents on July 26 at Bay and Fillmore streets, Clay and Steiner streets, and Laguna and Washington streets.

“My office received many responses from residents and community organizations who expressed concern over the proposed locations and lack of community outreach performed by the (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency) and Ford GoBike operator Motivate,” she wrote to her constituents. SFMTA “recognized” the community concerns, she wrote, and “as of now, the SFMTA and Motivate have halted plans to install any stations in District 2 and will not do so in the future without consulting my office and the community.”

Yet though this was Stefani’s publicly stated cause for opposing Motivate and Ford GoBike, in a small community meeting with the Pacific Heights Residents Association in April she gave other reasons for opposing the program’s expansion. Dockless bikeshare programs like Uber-backed Jump, she said, were far more modern than bikeshare programs like Ford GoBike which rely on docks to operate.

“I still think it’s opening Blockbuster Video stores when Netflix is out, I think this is the old way of doing bikeshare,” she told her constituents.

“It’s not going to go in District 2,” she added, referring to Ford GoBike. “I’m going to make sure of it.”

When asked to explain the comment, a staffer for Supervisor Stefani, Wyatt Donnelly-Landolt, said the supervisor is supportive of bikeshare, but stressed neighbors were given little notice.

I noticed that District 2 Candidate Nick Josefewitz was profiled as being "an ardent bike share supporter" so I reached out to him to clarify his views.

I wrote:

Hi Nick,

I just saw the front-page Examiner story on Ford Go Bikes, which paints you as an “ardent bike share supporter” and essentially endorses Supervisor Stefani on this issue. Can you please clarify your position? As you know, our neighbors are strongly opposed to docked bike share on residential blocks but ok with dockless bikes, docks in commercial areas (such as in the parking lot across from Mollie Stones),  and regular bike racks.  It’s important that you make your position on this issue clear, and I am happy help clarify your position to our neighbors in the event that the Examiner piece was misleading.

Here is his response:

Thanks for reaching out to help me clarify. I am a big bike share supporter. Jump bikes (electric dockless) have transformed how I and many others get around the city, and would strongly advocate for removing the artificial cap on the number of these bikes. With regards to docked bike share stations, I think they should be cited in neighborhoods with proactive, authentic, and responsive community engagement. In many neighborhoods, that will concentrate the docks in the locations that you mention (eg the parking lot opposite Mollie Stones). But in other neighborhoods, community input may lead to a different outcome and docks could be located on residential streets or on private property or in any number of places. I don't think we're on a different page here. I am on a different page to Sup Stefani, though, who seems to not want any docks anywhere.

I hope this additional insight is helpful to everyone. May the best candidate win come November!

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